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We cannot guarantee an Espresso grind that works for all machines out there. As a result if you select Espresso you will receive an 'Omni grind' which is something between Espresso & Moka grind.

If you predominantly drink Espresso, we suggest investing in a good home grinder - starting a Eureka Minon or Sage. 

Specialty grade 100% Fresh Arabica Coffee roasted in Yorkshire.

All of the coffees used are fully traceable and ethical in a variety of ways from Direct Trade to Forest Alliance and Fair trade. 

La Classica has been engineered to deliver that familiar coffee taste with rich tones of milky chocolate & hazelnuts as you first sip, followed by fruity undertones & gentle acidity that stay on your palate. 

Roast Level: 
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Tasting notes: Ferrero Roche on the initial sip, hence notes of milk choc & hazels nuts. Bright notes of wild raspberries on the palate with a gentle long lasting acidity.

In Milk: Milk chocolate & Vanilla pod notes rounded off by a buttery caramel  base.

The northern Italian coffee profile is much lighter than anywhere else in Italy and always 100% Arabica, this marries well with the specialty best practices we are passionate about.

La Classica delivers that ideal balance an incredibly rich espresso, yet aromatic - cuts through milk and also works well as a morning brewed coffee on its own.

It varies slightly during the year to follow the freshest crops, mainly switching process within the same region/farm, but always maintaining the profile fundamentals we want to deliver.

Brazil Passeio 
Process: Pulped Natural (half of the season) then Passeio Natural (other half of the season)

Yirgacheffe Achira
Process: Washed (but the washing station varies during the year as the roastery seeks the best and freshest example)

Colombia El Jordan
Process: Washed (Shipped every 3 months from origin to keep the green fresh)

India Kalledevarapura
Process: Washed or Honey depending on crop availability.

As all of our coffees, all high altitude and with processing methods and facilities inspected by the head roaster. A high level Arabica plant produces a denser, more aromatic bean that reflects the variances in terroir.
Get on line to get you freshly roasted coffee delivered direct to your door.

Fiar Trade / Direct Trade