Milanese café culture as a lifestyle.

For any Milanese the espresso bar is more than a place where you feed your caffeine needs. Like a pair of shoes, it’s a detail that tells a story about who you are.

A dynamic hub for the urban type, visited repeatedly at different times of the day for your Espresso (many), quick snack or aperitif after work. A place for networking, relaxing and be seen.

Our mantra is ‘If it’s not from Italy it’s from Yorkshire’. All of our cakes and fine meats are imported, our pasta and hot dishes cooked by local Italian chefs using Italian produce.

Our coffee is roasted in Yorkshire, our milk is local, our fruit and veg are from Leeds Markets, our bread baked daily by a local co-operative.

We stand for quality, design and detail.


La Bottega Milanese is a fusion concept.

Based on the speciality coffee movement, giving this wonderful produce the respect it deserves by taking it forward – mindful of our heritage whilst embracing progress.

Our custom coffee is roasted locally and freshly every week. La Classica, a fully 100% speciality grade & ethically sourced (Direct Trade) Arabica coffee, is our main house blend which contributed to our popularity.

The blend composition reflects our fusion concept which respects this wonderful produce by not over roasting it and retaining its natural flavours.

All this whilst retaining some elements of continental coffee profiling that highlight sugar & chocolatey notes, but also rotating some of its components based on seasonality and crops.

We also regularly feature ‘Guest Coffees’ from around UK Roasteries, these coffees are often single-origin and belong to the so-called ‘third wave’ coffee movement that favours lightly roasted coffees to highlight the wonderfully fruity and acidic tones coffee can also deliver. Testimony to the growth of independent businesses and our speciality coffee.


The aperitivo crew.

We may not be a bar... however a true Milanese Espresso bar would not be one without a small selection of Amari, Prosecco, Beers, Wines or even the legendary Aperol Spritz.

Five o'clock, we want you here - just like in Milan.

The quintessential pre-drinks meeting point. Network, catch up with colleagues & have a social drink & a small Aperitivo bite to eat.


The good grub.
La Bottega Milanese is not just about coffee... Our name is also synonymous with great cakes & honest original Italian grub.

We are not a restaurant, much like any Milanese Espresso bar, we do have urban snack food of incredible quality.

Pasta, Fresh Panini and authentic Italian Street food like Arancini & Calzoni cooked by local Italian Chefs.


Once upon a time when opening coffee shops wasn’t a trend.

La Bottega Milanese opened its doors in 2009 from a modest corner of Leeds with its first ‘cupboard sized’ Espresso bar. Born out of frustration with not finding a decent coffee around town, our founder Alex Galantino acted on a hunch that something in the industry and the public taste was changing & decided to open his very own coffee shop.

Weaving itself into the fabric of Leeds’s day to day routine, La Bottega’s name rapidly became a name synonymous with good coffee.
Soon the modest ‘destination’ premises on The Calls were too small for the growing demand and the business had to move to a bigger store uptown in The Light complex in 2011.

This move sparked the creation of the very first late opening Espresso bar in the North.

Fast-forwarding to 2014, the booming Independent scene coupled with Leeds’s unstoppable growth and the popularity of coffee shops, LBM opened a second brand new store in the developing Bond Court area of Leeds.

Due to be completed in 2017, the Bond Court Square development will feature the very first 5-star Hotel in Leeds with the arrival of The Dakota hotel.
Situated right in the heart of the city’s financial area, Bond Court is widely tipped to become the ‘mini-city of Leeds’ – which will prove to an exciting and testing challenge for this growing brand.