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We cannot guarantee an Espresso grind that works for all machines out there. As a result if you select Espresso you will receive an 'Omni grind' which is something between Espresso & Moka grind.

If you predominantly drink Espresso, we suggest investing in a good home grinder - starting a Eureka Minon or Sage. 

Specialty grade 100% Arabica decaffeinated Coffee roasted in Yorkshire, every Tuesday.

Single estate Arabica from the COCAFCAL Co-Op, Honduras is decaffeinated in fresh water without the use of harsh chemicals often associated with cheap decaffeination processes.

Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, honey, rich & sweet with a hint of redcurrant acidity.

In milk: Caramel and vanilla with a hint of dark chocolate.

Roast Level: 
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Removing the bitter caffeine leaves this coffee with a sweet clean cake like flavour. Decaffeinated in spring water.

Buy your decaf Arabica coffee on line roasted fresh every week.

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