The Seniors to the rescue

“I am the new girl..” 


Those were not our words, that's what you would have heard Johanne deliver alongside a smile, to all the regulars during her first days behind the counter.


It’s a cliche (or gratuitous rhetoric), but there is a plethora of skills locked in the ‘retired’ workforce that not only could guide new generations, but given the times, be of vitally importance (to Business).


Johanne’s life has been full of experiences, let us tell you, probably more than most of you reading this piece right now…and she is not finished and we are the fortunate recipients of this wisdom..


The real Senior Barista


“..I sold designers fabrics for a while, had five kids and went on to live on a nature deserve on an Island.


I then went back to Uni and learn Chinese, this led to myself working for the Government as an investigator. Subsequently I taught English and recently took some time off to decide on the next step, but don’t mentioned the ‘r word’.


Retired?! No way! Ready for the next phase! And the place I most wanted to be was my favourite coffee shop.”


So how did this come about? By chance really, as a result of a casual ‘across the shop floor’ open discussion about lack of staffing and early closing times. 


J: ‘Why are you here every days these days and why can’t you keep the shop open longer?’ 


‘Because we have no staff!  I answered. Adding, why, do you want a job?


J: Yes! I will come work for you, but you will never call me will you?


‘You don’t know me, I will..”..And the rest is history as they say.


The (now well documented?) issues with staff shortage across all sectors, forced Business to reevaluate approaches and strategies to staffing and logistics. 


This approach is one that we actually always have considered, never achieved but not through the lack of trying. 

Anybody close to the Business would have heard us banging on about how Barista in Italy is a career that takes you from a young boy/girl through to retirement age.

Even now, if you go to Italy you will see the master Baristas with their big old moustaches and bald heads proudly wearing their stripes (literally) looking over the new recruits in a similar form to the military.


“I am cheap!, you don’t have to pay National Insurance for me!’ 


That we still need to check. But if it turns out to be true, another added bonus.

An approach that we will continue pursuing for the right profiles out there that are not done yet with the Business world and still have lots to give.


So if that is you, come approach us - we always have and will - consider anybody with heart, passion and a little something about them.



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